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Universal Silent Switch Finder [Updated] 2022




This application will find and activate a switch hidden behind a wall, a panel, a desk or any other hard to reach surface. If the screen is left on and off over and over you can also see the true status of the switch. The application is to be used by electricians and installers, who have to position certain tools in the switch box, to verify a switch status, open or close any switch. No installation is necessary, in order to use the application, it needs to be downloaded from and it is about 22Mb big. The application runs on iOS only, on iPhone and iPad, as well as on the iPad Air and iPad Pro (2018) The application is free to download, free to use and open source. What's new in version - Added icon in home page - Added screensaver control in home screen, in order to see the true switch status, whether the switch is open or closed - Touching the screen can change the screensaver timer - Added German, French and Russian localization - Added support for iPad Air and iPad Pro (2018) - Now the switch status can be seen in the iPad screen and in the iPad lock screen, when in "sleep mode" - Improved video transcoding - Improved the server, that will hopefully not get too much traffic - The home screen icon is now a video file icon, in order to show that it is a video file. If you want to convert video files, you can use a third-party app. - Added in app purchase for feature unlocking. - Added version number and a donate button. - Enabled scrolling down when the application is opened, instead of just having one small slide to unlock - Edited the code, in order to make it more readable, in order to understand it faster - The application can now be customized, so you can remove the push notifications feature. - The application now runs even if the iPad is in "sleep mode" - Removed some debug messages, that you may not need - Reduced the size of the application, as it is now really more small - Reduced the size of the home screen icon, which will be more efficient - The home page now includes an awesome "Dashcam" video, made by Andre




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Universal Silent Switch Finder [Updated] 2022

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